About CFT

The vision of CFT is to keep pace with the emerging technologies and reduce the gap between conventional courses and technologies. This ensures the students to be future ready as well as job ready. The Artificial Intelligence has sneaked into all spheres of human activity. The purpose of CFT is not only to create awareness but to make technology ready as per the industry demand. CFT has been created to bring all new technologies on one platform to enhance the proficiency of various industries. By evolving these technologies we are creating a platform, where we will fundamentally change the way of our thinking about society innovation, collaboration, production, governance and live sustainably. This will not only change the IT industry, but it will create new opportunities for other industries as well, Today Artificial intelligence has entered almost in every industry i.e Finance, Agriculture, Defence, Education, Robotics, HealthCare, Audits, Real Estate and different kinds of business models. Traditional business processes will be re-engineered based on intuitive human-machine interactivity, and realized through real-time, autonomous and inherently secure platforms.